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WORKFLOW. A play with apes and crafts

With this international group exhibition visual artist and curator Wim Wauman combines the term 'craftsmanship' with its nostalgic sound. There is a critical reference to mass consumption, standardization, counterfeiting and our social vision on this. The exhibition presents a playful, idiosyncratic story with references to older science fiction films, academic literature, current social issues and (human) monkeys.

WORKFLOW is an initiative of Wim Wauman and is part of his doctoral research 'Making Waves: A Play with Arts and Crafts' at the Royal Academy, an investigation into the apparent contradiction between making and thinking. '

WORKFLOW 'was conceived as a succession, a panorama of more than 80 mainly contemporary works by 49 artists from Belgium and abroad: Philip Aguirre, Richard Artschwager, Virginie Bailly, John Baldessari, Evy Bosman, Edward Burtynsky, Paul Casaer, Sarah Corynen, Anton Cotteleer, Joachim Coucke, DD Trans, Rik De Boe, Goele De Bruyn, Babs Decruyenaere, Luc Deleu, Wim Delvoye, Peter De Meyer, Stefaan Dheedene, Filip Dujardin, Tim Enthoven, Nick Ervinck, Christophe Floré, Faure de Broussé, Jerry Galle, Alexis Gautier, Paul Gees , Geert Goiris, Ane Hjort Guttu, Quinten Ingelaere, Athar Jaber, Conny Kuilboer, Atelier Lachaert-Dhanis, Thomas Lerooy, Almudena Lobera, Charlotte Lybeer, Thomas Min, Sofie Muller, Michael Petry, Kelly Schacht, Sorry Sorry (performance 20.04.2018 ), Roeland Tweelinckx, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Eric van Hove, Kristof Van Heeschvelde, Egon Van Herreweghe, Herman Van Ingelgem, Ilse Van Roy, Jan Vercruysse, Benjamin Verdonck, Stephen Verstraete, Wim Wauman and Dirk Zoete.

Various works are a loan from museums or private collections, others were specially produced in response to this exhibition.

Exhibition hall Zwijgershoek (CC Sint-Niklaas)
Sat April 21st - September 2nd
Vernissage on 20 April at 8 pm