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Clint van der Linde shares his expertise with students vocal studies

The masterclass calendar is bursting at the seams! The vocal studies students also got to join in for one-on-one lessons from none other than Clint van der Linde. The renowned singer pulled out two days for an immersive masterclass filled with inspiration, insights and valuable feedback for our ambitious young vocalists.

Van der Linde, who joined the Drakensberg Boys' Choir School when he was 10, has had an impressive musical journey behind him. As a knave soloist, he sang with leading South African orchestras and obtained his bachelor of music from the Royal College of Music in London. His career includes collaborations with renowned ensembles and conductors around the world.

The master class focused mainly on historically informed performance practice. On this, Van der Linde shared not only his technical knowledge, but also his passion for the genre. The students got personal feedback and learned to refine their techniques from someone who has made his mark in the international music scene.

The focus was on Handel's Messiah, which the singers will perform together with the Antwerp Conservatoire's symphony orchestra in the Blue Hall on 12 December. Van der Linde knows and plays all the major Handel roles and was also the perfect guest lecturer in that respect. Just last year, he was a spectator at a master class by Christophe Rousset, after which the singer himself said he would like to come back to work with the students too. We are especially pleased that it was now. 

Clinton's interactive master class was mainly aimed at encouraging artistic refinement and developing a deeper understanding of historically informed performance practice. Baroque music, for a large proportion of vocal studies students, is not a big part of their curriculum, so this was the ideal opportunity to brush up on their knowledge. Moreover, Messiah is a piece that cannot be missing from a professional singer's regular repertoire.