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Research class: In-bodying ourselves - S'en.corporer

In-bodying ourselves - S'en.corporer
Research class by Delphine Wibaux

Our body as an ecosystem linked to its immediate living, human and non-human environment, light and time.

How can we exist and create to get closer to ourselves and our senses? How can we look for, find and take our place? What links us to others and to our environment?

Through a series of attention devices* in different and more or less anthropized locations, we'll explore these questions, seeking to in-body ourselves.

Our approach will be transdisciplinary : writing, sound, body improvisation practice, sculpture, installation, image in the broadest sense, paying attention to the temporality of days - from dawn to dusk. Each day will be an opportunity for personal exploration in connection with moments lived collectively, towards an ambidextrous, transdisciplinary, intersectional and non-binary approach to art.

* Baptiste Morizot, S'enforester

Delphine Wibaux
Born in 1991, Delphine Wibaux lives and works in Marseille. She graduated from the Marseille School of Fine Arts in 2014 and works both alone and in collaboration. She delicately brings together images, sculptures, experimental sounds and stories which are intrinsically related. She works on «captations», recordings primarily made in nature, which open our senses to otherwise nearly invisible, inaudible occurrences. Her research lies at the rich and complex border between scientific, poetic andphenomenological approaches. These captations are meticulous attempts to relocate an image or sound captured from the landscape to areas that are in constant erosion. They suggest a way to establish a tenuous link between the infinity of the universe and the most mundane resources of the Earth.

(image: "Impromptu 4" by Delphine Wibaux, Canarregio, during the 'Forme di vita' workshop week in the Venetian Lagoon, photo by Charlene Wartelle)

>> This research class is part of the Research Week during the annual research festival ARTICULATE.