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Samantha Van Wissen

Samantha van Wissen (the Netherlands) started her professional education at De Rotterdamse Dansacademie. She joined Rosas in 1991 for the creation of ERTZ. She collaborated in several creations ( Mozart concert Arias, Woud, Verklarte Nacht, Work Travail Arbeit, The Six Brandenburg Concertos) as well as repertory pieces ( Rosas danst Rosas, Mikrokosmos, Achterland, Elena’s Aria, Drumming). She’s also one of the founding members and core dancers of compagnie ZOO/Thomas Hauert since 1997 and danced in almost all the creations such as Cows in Space, Jetzt, Verosimile, Accords, How to proceed. Under direction of Inne Goris / Zeven, she also played in two theater pieces (De Drie Zusters and Droesem). Besides her work as a dancer/ performer she also teaches dance classes/improvisation and yoga classes.

Function: Artistic practice