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Xuanlin Wang

Xuanlin Wang (1994) was born in Taiwan and holds an M.F.A at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp, Belgium, where she currently resides after graduating in 2020. She is an artist, performer, photographer, and material creator. Before she developed ‘Bio-system’, she was deeply inspired by the essential aesthetics of environmental art which aroused her experimentation with the concept of natural materials. During her fashion design studies, she realized that there was more waste being created from art than what was actually being used in the final product.

Thus, the aim of making natural materials is to question the balance between our natural environment and art and to begin a discussion of the relationship between the human body and the consequences of our environmental issues. Therefore, her artwork is focused on integrating and combining the natural environment, which is represented by the materials, with the body and captured by photography for projecting a new perspective between these art forms to create a new language of visual art. Her endeavour is to create the artworks in the context of climate activism for public environmental awareness.