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The systematic pursuit of quality education

Each programme meets the quality criteria set by the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and in particular the Flemish Qualifications Framework (VKS).  
The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp has developed an internal quality assurance system based on the quality policy of AP University College. With a range of instruments tailored to art education, the quality of each programme is supported, monitored and evaluated. By means of data analysis and benchmarking, through questionnaires and focus groups with students, teachers, alumni and staff, programmes can evaluate, optimise and guarantee their activities. 
Additionally, the Conservatoire and its programmes stay tuned in by systematically involving an external view. Input in artistic councils and artistic boards leads to the cultivation of new insights which contribute to an improvement in the quality of strategy, structure, content and learning environment of each programme and of the Conservatoire as School of Arts. 

The validated quality of each programme

In consultation with AP University College, the Schools of Arts opted for an assessment of the - often multilingual - artistic programmes by external reviewers with international experience at the intersection of higher arts education and educational quality. The choice for a Visiting and Assessing Authority (VBI) offers the added value of international benchmarking and international recognition through the VBI quality mark. 
Every six years our programmes are reviewed by an international panel through a VBI based on the European Standards & Guidelines (ESG). MusiQuE coordinated the programme reviews for the Music/Music (2018) and Dance (2021) programmes. The system used focuses on the continuous quality development of the programmes. Acquiring insight, implementing improvement actions and securing quality are critical success factors.
New programmes are first subjected to an Assessment New Programme, i.e. an assessment of its potential quality. Three years later, an assessment for accreditation follows, which is the quality mark indicating this programme meets the expected quality standards. The NVAO is in charge of both quality assessments.

Read the latest reports on the quality of our programmes:

The validated quality of the University College

In 2017 an international committee evaluated the quality of the education policy of AP University College and assessed whether the institution was able to ensure the quality of its programmes. In this institutional review the quality of the education policy was positively assessed. The advisory report on the quality management policy of the programmes was highly positive as well.

Read the review report and advisory report of AP University College (both in Dutch).