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Chamber music of Paolo Litta

This project, promoted by Guido De Neve, and assisted by, among others, Pascale De Groote, Jan De Wilde, Staf Vos and Pinuccia Carrer, wants to study the unique, original and high-quality choreographic chamber works by the Swedish-Italian composer Paolo Litta (1871-1931) ). This original spirit composed, in addition to orchestral works, vocal music and chamber music, at least four extensive works for a varied but always remarkable chamber music composition, in which music and dance are completely equal partners.

Notwithstanding the original concept and, according to a first lecture, the high quality of the music, these works have not yet been studied and, as far as can be traced, they haven’t been executed for many decades. Because it concerns a curious cross-pollination between music and dance, a multidisciplinary team of musicologists, dance historians and a performing musician was put together for this purpose.

The research project aims to study Litta's life and work (in particular his contacts with the international dance world, his connections with Belgium and his place in late-romantic music) and to analyze, study and contextualize these choreographic chamber music works from various perspectives. The research results will be laid down in articles, lectures, lessons (for music and dance students) and score editions. The ultimate intention is to perform one or more works (music and dance) and possibly realize a video.