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The choreography of the ritual

In the research project The choreography of the ritual, Bart Van Dijck explores how rituals can be created within a visual art practice and how objects play a role in this. It builds on the start project The status of the object, in which the artist investigates the tension between the ritual object and the artistic artefact.
In this project the emphasis is on the performative action and the interaction between people and objects. How do sculptures acquire a meaning within a ritualized context, and how can they be set in motion?
Through experimental workshops, both in an artistic context and beyond, a space is created in which connections are established. The artist starts a number of new projects in which experiments are carried out. In addition, he continues with the development of some projects that got a first impetus during his start-up project; Walking with the Ancestors, Spring Celebration (with Stan D'Haene), Nestvlieders (with Ignace Cami) and Rites of Passage Program.

For this research Bart Van Dijck draws inspiration from, among other things, literature study (A. Van Gennep, J. Campbell, ..), animistic traditions, folklore and contemporary subcultures.


Image: Zena Van den Block