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Memoirs Peter Welffens

Wim Henderickx studied together with Pascale De Groote and Jan Dewilde the music theater work of the Flemish composer Peter Welffens (1924-2003). It concerned his stage music, operas and ballets. These works were situated within his extensive and varied oeuvre, but also within the Flemish and international dance and music theater history of the second half of the 20th century. Stage music, ballet music and operas occupy a prominent place in Welffens' oeuvre, in various forms and subgenres. Since his long state of service, Welffens' work is also very suitable for interpreting trends and formal as well as stylistic evolutions within these genres.

Research into Flemish dance and music theater from the 20th century within its international context is rather scarce because this segment of the musical field is difficult to define and categorize. An important criteria such as occupation is irrelevant here for the determination of the genre; the research domain can be limited by the common substantial theatrical component. This research will therefore provide additional data and innovative insights regarding these genres in general and Welffens' dealings with and involvement in music theater in particular.