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Photography as a learning tool

One of the key challenges of the 21th century is to prepare adolescents to live in a globalising and rapidly changing world, which is characterized by major issues that exceed the capabilities of any nation or organization, also known as global issues.

The most effective way to reach this goal is by focussing on education and learning. However, to provide adolescents with the necessary knowledge and skills to think critically about global issues, learning tools that move beyond traditional educational objectives are required. Combining narrative learning with photography holds the potential to transform these abstract issues into tangible and relevant information that adolescents can relate to.

Hence, the goal of this project is to develop an ethnography-driven photographic methodology that educates a broad, young audience about global issues of the 21th century by means of photographic stories. Through three case studies in India, Bangladesh and Thailand, environmental degradation, income inequality, globalization and refugee crises will be addressed through the eyes of local children who are confronted with their consequences in everyday life. The end result will be the development of a 'good practice' in which photography triggers adolescents to become aware of and gain insight into global issues.

Promoters: Kristof Timmermans & Paolo Favero