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Techniques of Resonance

Eric Thielemans on his research:

"I am a musician, based, trained and practised in the art of improvisation. I play music as a celebration of the now. Whether I am creating new sounds in the studio or an atelier or performing live for an audience, my main focus lies on those moments where something really emerges, the moment of creation, which is always localised in the now and in a specific place. 
Currently I am researching how we, artists from diverse disciplines (performance, music, visual arts, scenography), develop embodied techniques to create resonant, meaningful relationships between the experience of our interior life and the exterior world. How do we create or invite magic? When does the world start to speak to us?" 

German sociologist Hartmut Rosa uses the term resonance as an answer to the alienation of the human being in our accelerated society. 
This research project is based on an oscillation between practise, reflection and theory.