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Vlaemsch-Duits Zangverbond

In 2010-2011, research was conducted at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp into the supranational choir organization Vlaemsch-Duitsch Zangverbond (1846-1847). The research project consisted of a historical-scientific study of the Zangverbond; the selection, study and publication of a number of relevant scores, connected with the history of the Zangverbond and, as a practical part, the performance of several choral works that were written for and performed by the Vlaemsch-Duitsch Zangverbond.

The research has shown that the Zangverbond has played an important role in the development of choir life in Flanders. In addition, it became clear that the structure and operation of this organization is illustrative of various forms of nationalist mobilization in Flanders, Belgium and Germany.