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Vademecums Classical Music

Read all about how we organize our Music department in our Handbook Classical Music.

Each section within Classical Music also produces its own vademecum or handbook, adapted to their students. You can find all the important information about your programme in it: 

Composition Vademecum
Conducting Vademecum
Woodwinds Vademecum
Brass Vademecum
Percussion Vademecum
Lower strings Vademecum
Strings: violin Vademecum
Key instruments Vademecum
Plucked instruments Vademecum
Vocal studies Vademecum

There are also some vademecums that provide cross-departmental insight for Classical Music students:

For information about Research, Arts and humanities, Creative project, Music theory courses, Entrepreneurship, Music History, ... please check out the vademecums General Cultural courses and General Music Training.