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Each academic year, you are offered a wide range of projects that allow you to expand your understanding of various artistic practices and connection to the field. You will collaborate with the other departments of the Conservatoire on interdisciplinary projects. You will also visit festivals and organisations such as arts center STUK in Leuven, arts campus DE SINGEL, Europalia, Mayday Mayday at arts center CAMPO and Dansand!KAAP, for workshops, lectures, performances and collaborations. 

Next Doors

Next Doors is an interdisciplinary project week organised by and for students. You spend a week working together within artistic projects. You can choose to set up your own project or participate in someone else's project.

Open Stage

Four times a year an Open Stage takes place for students and guests. This student-led initiative is an opportunity to share your work at any stage of development.

LABO - Inclusion Dance

The bachelor Dance programme is engaged in the research, practice and development of diversity and inclusive practice within contemporary dance training and performing arts. LABO Inclusion Dance brings you together on a weekly basis with guest dancers with diverse abilities, backgrounds, culture and practice, for exchange, training and creation. In addition, symposia, workshops and study days are organised around specific themes, in which you collaborate with organisations and artists from the artistic social field.


The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp houses several research groups with active researchers in all disciplines with a diverse and broad research base. Each year the research department organises Articulate, a festival where ongoing research practices are shared through lectures, workshops, and performances.

Within the Conservatoire, there are several ongoing projects investigating relevant social developments. 

Resilient Artists

We care about health and helping our students build sustainable careers. This is why we are committed to both physical and mental prevention and guidance. You are in good hands is an initiative of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. The Department of Applied Psychology and the Royal Conservatoire of the Antwerp University College (AP Hogeschool) created an evidence-based prevention programme for the challenges of artistic practice. More information about the research and prevention programme can be found here.   

Well-being Sounding Board

The well-being of everyone - students, faculty and staff - is a priority concern at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. In order to monitor and promote this welfare, the Well-being Sounding Board Group was established. Anyone can become a member of this working group on their own initiative and take part in the meetings. 

Multilingual school

You will notice that the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp is a very international school, with many nationalities, cultures, and languages. Although studying in a multilingual environment can be challenging, it can also be very enriching personally, and on a professional level as the performing arts world is also very multilingual. We therefore encourage you to take every opportunity to learn and improve your language skills during your studies.


📷 © Marc Wellens © Rudy Carlier