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GrowingGifs #drawing in motion

In art education, drawing is still seen as 'the basis for every art form', as a necessary foundation. Figure drawing, with paper and charcoal, to living model, seems almost an anachronism in these hyper-fast high-tech times.

GrowingGifs #drawing in motion is situated in the shared space between the classic metier and high-tech new possibilities; or how new media and technology can be an extension of the 'artist's toolbox'. The metier, literally in its purest form, is figure drawing, where the human figure and the anatomical model are central as the basis of drawing.

On the one hand, experiments will be carried out with forms of digital expression for this metier. On the other hand, the act of drawing, the line management, the printing, will be stored, analyzed and reproduced as digital data. This data can be generated as a new drawing, but there are many other possibilities to reuse this data.

GrowingGifs is a research project with a pronounced visual output. The more the project progresses, the stronger the public space will become to play a role. Live mapping, towering projections on buildings, live streaming with artists, 3D projections ... the possibilities are endless.