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The Knight’s Tour

The work of Nick Geboers stems from an interest in the history of technical equipment (the camera, film, etc.) that precedes the photographic image. Much specific knowledge and technology is forgotten because of digital photography.

The goal of this start project is to create images with very different cameras, each with their own specific characteristics. As many permutations as possible are tested from three different basic parameters in photography: optical (lens), chemical (film) and mechanical (shutter) choices.

In the first phase, existing image archives are examined. The second phase is making images with as many different photographic programs as possible (cameras, films, sensors, etc.). Starting points are the physical camera collection of the FotoMuseum Antwerpen and the departments of Agfa-Gevaert that develop optical and light-sensitive equipment. In the third phase oeuvres of photographers such as Trevor Paglen, James Welling, Jochen Lempert and other artists who draw inspiration from the technical possibilities and characteristics of the medium are studied. The final phase is to make new images.