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LABORATORY, the legacy of Lynne Cohen (1944-2014)

The Lynne Cohen Legacy consists of researching and mapping the entire oeuvre of the Canadian artist/photographer Lynne Cohen (1944-2014), establishing contacts (museums, galleries, curators, critics, ...) and the preparatory work to realize an exhibition. The archive and legacy will be studied, based on the original pieces, in collaboration with widower Prof. dr. Andrew Lugg (philosopher, Wittgenstein specialist, University Ottawa). The research project wants to investigate to what extent explicit and implicit references to cinema, theater and (recent) art history are to be found in the work of Cohen?

As a result, a retrospective exhibition will take place in Fotomuseum Antwerp and Folkwang Museum Essen (D) in collaboration with KAA. The Laboratory project is a follow-up research project (with great feedback to education) in support of The Lynne Cohen Legacy.

Students from the three institutes UA, KCA and KAA will be involved in the research and a broad educational section will be set up in the run-up to and during the exhibitions. Karin Hanssen’s and Bert Danckaert’s artistic perspective, as well as their friendship with Lynne Cohen since the early 90s, form the base of this project.