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TRAUM (dream) + RAUM (space) = TRAUMA

‘TRAUM (dream) + RAUM (space) = TRAUMA’ has the aim of observing the meaning of trauma in its many forms and analyze how it shapes perception, from the singular to the collective.

We are witnessing incredible despair, loss, suffering, but we can also choose to act towards change. Recent history has shown us that a lot has been superfluous, and that we should reconsider our ways of leading our own private lives as well as a society for the sake of a collective well-being. What happens when we start acknowledging how much of our reality is driven by trauma? When does addressing trauma become a matter of social responsibility and crisis prevention?

Trauma can be a passage, a ritual to another level of consciousness. It changes our brain’s biochemistry, influencing our instincts. If we let trauma affect our perception of reality, then trauma becomes reality - but trauma is not a truth, it’s a perception. In this context, can costume design aspire to be an activator for social renewal and the healing of Earth’s traumas, while promoting productive and emotional sustainability for the individual? Could it help embodying the storytelling of healing bodies?

By applying a methodology which combines theory and practice, the project aims to experiment with the creation and research upon alternative materials for costume design, including biomaterials, as a metaphor for opportunities that can arise from situations of vulnerability.