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ARTICULATE Open Classroom: CORPoREAL invites DRAMA


On 20 and 21 October, as part of ARTICULATE 2022, the artist-researchers of the Conservatoire present their research to the students, by elaborating on the scope of their project, by introducing their methods, research process, or (preliminary) conclusions, by performing an artistic result or by supervising a workshop.
Within four focussed blocks, an interactive programme of open classrooms is developed for the students of dance, drama, and music. 

Thursday 20 October
14:00 Welcome

'Process Drama: a task to be undertaken, a decision to be made, a place to be explored'
Lecture and Q&A
by Bob Selderslaghs

Bob Selderslaghs successfully defended his PhD in the arts in March 2022 on dramatic inquiry in arts education. He pleads for more attention to forms of process drama in art and teacher training. During this lecture, he will present his research activities and findings of the last few years and talk to the audience about exploring 'uncharted territory'. 


'Cripping the Stage'
Roundtable, panel discussion and podcast
by Marijn Prakke, with Mira Bryssinck and Josefien Cornette

It is crucial that the performing arts sector learns to ecognize the representation of and access for actors with disabilities as part of a human rights issue, rather than regarding it as a charitable matter. Crip theory goes one step further than disability studies in general: instead of asking what a person needs to participate in the mainstream, an attempt is made to rethink the design of society (or a specific part of it) from a crip perspective. How can we translate the theoretical insights into a theatre practice? 

15.45 Break

'The web of artistic practice: from experience to expertise' 
by Kathleen Coessens

What knowledge does an artist use in his practice? Can we describe this knowledge clearly? In this lecture on artistic research and practice, we take a closer look at these two questions. The personal artistic quest of the performance artist in acquiring his or her "web of artistic practice" - woven through education, experience, discovery, experimentation and performance - is a creative path: there is not one single curriculum, training or personality, nor one single history of how to become an artist.


'When the artist swallows his image'
Lecture and Q&A
by Karel Tuytschaever

In the global digital image culture, there seems to be an apparent inability to make a true physicality tangible in an artistic image. Lens-based media, theatre and dance are often more focused on an information exchange that objectifies a body - that represents someone. The physical experience of the connection with our own body disappears as a result; for the viewer, but certainly also for the maker.


'"Vrouwentongen". Theatre texts by women'
by Lauranne Paulissen and Edith Cassiers

Lauranne Paulissen and Edith Cassiers delve into the work of forgotten female theatre artists and bring it back to life, today. Together with them, you read unknown theatre texts and discuss themes such as feminism, queerness and post-colonialism, but also story, style and performance techniques. Everyone is welcome to participate, no prior knowledge is required.

(image: Karel Tuytschaever)

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