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PHD defence Vijai Maia Patchineelam

The Artist Job Description, a Practice Led Research for the Employment of the Artist, as an Artist, Inside the Art Institution

Defence of the PhD research ‘The Artist Job Description’, conducted by Vijai Maia Patchineelam between 2016 and 2022 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (AP Hogeschool) - within the research group Archivolt -, ARIA (UAntwerp) and the Research Center at a.pass, advanced performance and scenography studies, Brussels. 

Promotors: Nico Dockx (Academy) & Paolo S. H. Favero (UAntwerp)

at the Wintertuin, Academy
live stream
13:00 - 15:00

Jury: Philippe Meers (chairman), Paolo S. H. Favero (promotor UAntwerp), Nico Dockx (promotor Academy), Vladimir Miller (external promoter a.pass), Lilia Mestre (member of the jury), Saddie Choua (member of the jury) and Ricardo Basbaum (member of the jury)


The artist’s experience of being inside art institutions, starting from the effort made to be accepted in order to develop one’s art practice, then the experience of going through them, and while in them, the many ways of having to learn how to be inside. This will in several ways inform the development of an artist’s practice, for the good or for the bad. Developing the doctoral research, 'The Artist Job Description' has been an attempt at recognizing and dealing with, rather than avoiding, the tensions that exist in the relationship between artists and art institutions at a time when most art institutions themselves are under the pressure of austerity-politics.