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Soup Session: Giulia Vismara

Soup Session by Giulia Vismara
invited by research group Maxlab

Tuesday 20 February 2024, 12:30-14:00
at the Research Room, Academy

Giulia Vismara is composer and researcher in electroacoustic music who envisions sound as an organism that can morph into many different shapes and forms. Her works range from electroacoustic music to sound installation, from music for theatre to performance and video art.

Her project 'Temporary Sonic Architecture' builds on her theoretical-practical research on the relationship between space and sound as she investigates the creative potential of cutting-edge technology in architectural design, virtual environments, and 3D sound in search of unexplored possibilities. Her work intends to contribute to the discussion on the concept of material and materiality by focusing on the transition from matter as an expressive possibility to matter as an agent that enables experience.