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Soup Session: Oxiea Villamonte and Nico Dockx

Soup Session by Oxiea Villamonte and Nico Dockx
invited by research group ArchiVolt

8 November, 12:30-14:00
at the Research Room, Academy

ArchiVolt presents a dialogue between artist-researchers Oxiea Villamonte and Nico Dockx. Oxiea Villamonte will talk about her roadtrip across the United States of America, in the context of her research 'Next of Kin' at the Academy.

Oxiea Villamonte
Oxiea Villamonte lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated with her master’s in photography from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in September 2020.
Her work starts from her own personal archive as a way to remember, discover and give the archive a new life.
In November 2020 she published her first book ‘Next of Kin’, together with Stockmans Art Books. ‘Next of Kin’ combines archive images of her mother together with her own photographs. It is an intertwining story where the past and the present try to connect with each other as well as disconnect.

Nico Dockx
The work of Nico Dockx starts from a fundamental interest in archives and structural processes such as data, memories, information, distribution and management. Results of collaboration with other artists, installations, publications, texts and videos often investigate the relationship between perception and memories, in which different interpretations are possible.
Currently, he is the coordinator of research group ArchiVolt and co-curating the Research Program Expanding Academy at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp together with Judith Wielander.