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Quickstart guide for new international students - Academy

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp's only international art school, provides the challenging environment for the soon-to-be designer or artist who wants an individual and personal artistic education. We currently host over 350 international students of 54 different nationalities. Located in the heart of the beautiful old city, we are connected to partner institutes from all over the world for exchange programmes and offer bachelor and master programmes in Visual Arts for full time degree students. These range from Fine Arts (Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, In situ³) and Photography to the more design-oriented Graphic Design, Jewellery Design and Gold- and Silversmithing, Theatre Costume Design and our world-renowned Fashion Design. Supported by theoretical courses, drawing and observation, our students work towards the development of a personal artistic practice, assisted by teachers and lecturers that all have their own artistic practices and experiences. If you'd want to become a visual arts teacher after graduating as a master, we also offer an Educational Master in Visual Arts.

You find useful direct links to the most essential information for foreign students on this webpage.

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