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'SLOW COSTUMING. Creating characters through coupe' by Chris Snik

'SLOW COSTUMING. Creating characters through coupe' can be used as a handbook for Slow costuming. This integrated costume design process requires a rehearsal period where performers and designers interact and have time to be closely involved in all phases of the creating and making process. The work of costume designer and performer merge. Through close collaboration on and with the unique performer’s body in motion. Chris Snik introduced a new term for this way of working, Slow costuming. Costumes with a good fit are not possible without coupe, which can give the right accents to body shapes and thus construct the the character of a performer.

In this book, Snik shares her findings from both her theoretical and practical research using images, photographs, and film stills (by Geert Goiris). Time, technical skills, and freedom to experiment with coupe, patternmaking, use of materials, shapes, and movements are essential and should be scheduled into the rehearsing periods and taught in various educational programmes. 

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